Addis Museum Abeba, Ethiopia

The ” Addis Ababa Museum ” is located in an edification designed in 1887 that illustrates perfectly the turbulent context in which this important African capital was it was developed. Even though originally It was thought to function as an ammunition storage, this property was first released as a home after it became an imperial wedding gift. In 1935, following the Italian invasion to Ethiopia, it was used as a hospital, then it worked as a school, a factory, a hotel and a public office, until becoming the museum of the city till today.

Mostly based on photographs, some ancient articles of a daily basis use everyday and a series of explanatory panels explanatory, museography aims to inform visitors on the process of the different stages and historical development of Addis Ababa from the first establishments in the area known as Entoto, to the present in which it serves as diplomatic capital of Africa to host the African Union

Access is through the steps of Meskel Square, there’s a parking lot there where vehicles can be left. Entrance prices are 10 birr for local and 50 birr for foreigners, whether they are tourists or residents.

This space can be highly enjoyed by those who like to know details and historical, as well as by those who want know and understand the city and its peculiarities better. However, it is possible that for someone who doesn’t share the same interest this may come across as boring and stay simplified to being an antiquated house full of old clothing, some guns and several black & white photos.

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